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Welcome on the Same day loans!

Welcome on the official Same Day Loans company website.

We are proud to roll-out a new iteration of our website. This state-of-the-art design will prove helpful to many people who need to get a no-strings-attached loan. If you want cash in less than 15 minutes, use
How does this service work? First, you must make sure that you meet our basic requirements, that is:

1. You need to be an adult ( at least 18 years old )
2. Stable job with documented income
3. No criminal record
4. You cannot be a member of military! ( there are laws that prohibit us from lending money to any soldier )
5. No previous bankruptcy
6. Reasonable credit score

7. Having a house or a car to server as a collateral will greatly reduce your interest rate
After you are sure you meet our criteria, proceed to the contact us page. There you will be presented with a short form asking for details. If you cannot see any fields, please make sure you have enabled JavaScript in your browser. The form consists of following fields:

1. Address
2. Age
3. First Name
4. Last Name
5. Income
6. Phone number

This is some pretty basic info that is needed to perform full analysis. After you press enter, the application will be sent to our analysts. The decision will be made in less than 2 minutes. After that, we will call your phone number to make sure everything is alright. If all goes right, you will be instructed to another form. This one is important to us because it gives us your wire details. We can't send you money if we don't know where.
So this is how the procedure looks like. It's really simple and most people do not have any problems with it.

Customers often ask us if any faxing is needed. Unfortunately, the answer is yes - if there is any other website claiming anything like "no fax loans" they are simply lying. Faxing is necessary to prevent fraud. If it was not for it, it would be extremely easy to get a loan for someone else.

Our loans are designed to be repaid over a course of few weeks. If you won't be able to pay us back in 2-3 weeks, please don't apply. You simply won't qualify. We do not use any predatory practices - we won't drag your loan for many years to reap the interest. You can confirm this by visiting official OLA website (online lenders association) and checking the list of certified online lenders. You will find the address of our website there. If you want to use any website offering payday loans and it is not on the list, DO NOT apply. Those offers are unchecked and you have no idea who stands behind them. There was a famous media story in the UK - it turns out some armenian mafia was running payday loan websites and then extorted people who used them. There were even people killed - this simply isn't safe.

So, this is a pretty short introduction but we've wanted to make it pretty basic. If you have any questions, please call us:
Best regards,

NOTE:We also run a 24/7 e-mail address:

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You can trust us. is a member of Online Lenders Alliance - an organization making sure you won't get scammed online.

Random testimonial: helped me when I needed cash the most - I had to repair my car to get to work. They've proven to be 100% what I've needed.

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